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As technology continues to advance, adapt and evolve to best suit our needs, automated homes and offices are becoming increasingly popular. Home Automation Concepts allow you to control your entire home with just the push of a button on any device – including smartphones and tablets – from anywhere!

At Aura Automation, we offer advanced smart home automation solutions using the latest technologies and designed to evolve with your needs. We aim to create smart homes, offices and showrooms that are not only economically viable, but also environmentally responsible.

Make Your Home/Office Smarter and Your Life Easier

Home Automation Products are not limited for just the tech-savvy customers or brand-new homes. Our personalised services ensure that regardless of your budget or the style of your home, we provide you the best of the latest Home Automation trends, designed and adapted exclusively for your lifestyle. Our automations systems are Controllable with a single Smart Home Controller accessible through Mobile App, Touch Switches, Remotes, Voice Control, Sensors, Gesture Control, Smart Watches, Geo-navigation, Weather, IFTTT and all types of Custom Applications. Aura Automation is a Smart Home Company in Gurgaon and proud to offer showroom, office and home automation services in Agra, Mathura, Firozabad and other adjoining areas.
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Automation for Homes

Automation for Offices, Showrooms and Homes

  • Multimedia & Scene Control: Create personalised settings and tell your home what you want. For example, just say night mode and the lights would dim, the music will change, curtains will be drawn, doors locked – everything to prepare you for a night blessed with quality sleep.

  • Smart Alarm System & Surveillance: Equipped with Samsung digital locks, fingerprint door locks, and keyless door locks, the Smart Security System guards your home at all times. The video surveillance system will also help you keep an eye on your house/office constantly.

  • Access Control & Energy Metering: Control your home/office from anywhere with integrated WiFi technology. You can also control who can access what and keep a tab on the energy consumption of your home/office at the same time.

  • Some other things your automation system can control for you are: Mood Lighting, Dimming, RGB, Music Controlled Lighting Air conditioning and Ventilation, VRV/VRF System, Curtains, Door, Gates, Windows, Blinds


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