Smart Homes That Protect Your Loved Ones

Aura Automation provides comprehensive security solutions for 360-degree safety of your home. Our experts design smart security systems customised as per your preferences to perfectly fit the needs of your home and family.

We understand the importance of a well secured home and work with the latest hi-tech solutions to provide supreme security. These Home Security Systems protect multiple entry/critical points and sound an alarm in case of a breach.

Secure Your Home. Secure Your Family.

At Aura Automation, we understand the importance of a secure home equipped with a home automation controller. When your family’s safety is concerned, you want only the best. This is why we help you protect your home with the best electronic lock system and fool proof digital smart door locks along with other smart security solutions – all integrated aesthetically to provide maximum security at just the push of a button.

digital smart door locks
Security for Homes and Offices

Security for Homes and Offices

  • Surveillance Systems: The video surveillance system will help you keep an eye on your house/office at all times.
  • Home intrusion System (Doors, Glass, Motion): Integrated security features will prevent most break-ins.
  • Access Control: Control your home/office from anywhere with integrated WiFi technology. Everything is accessible via the home automation controller.
  • Secured Smart Locks: These include Samsung digital locks, fingerprint door locks, and keyless door locks. They are basically unbreakable and a great safety feature for your home/office.
  • Gas Leak Detector: Presence of a gas leak in your home/office is immediately recognised and alarms are sounded.
  • Smoke Sensors: These alert you the moment smoke is detected in any part of your home/office.


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